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LSR and Plastic Injection Molding

G&F Precision Molding, Inc. Fiskdale, MA and Danvers, MA
Founded in 1963, G&F Precision Molding offers our customers the highest level of service and quality. Our corporate culture of service translates into a better experience for our customers from initial design through to production. Our ability to anticipate and respond to the unique needs of our customers separates us from our competition. Our business is built upon customer aligned growth and technology enhancements that allow us to serve our customers more effectively and efficiently. G&F Precision Molding operates 2 facilities in Danvers and Fiskdale, Massachusetts. Our services include thermoplastic and liquid silicone rubber (LSR) molding, design for manufacturability, prototyping, mold making, and value add operation (e.g. pad printing, ultrasonic welding, bonding and testing). Specialized to provide creative solutions and a commitment to ongoing service and quality, G&F Precision is unique. Privately owned and stable leadership offers a platform for establishing and building partnerships with our customers.

ISO 9001-2015 (Fiskdale), ISO 13485-2016 (Fiskdale and Danvers).

Contact Info.

G & F Fiskdale

709 Main Street

Fiskdale, MA 01518

(508) 347-9132


G & F Danvers

33 Cherry Hill Drive

Danvers, MA 01923

(978) 560-2622

G & F Precision Molding